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Best of International Music Concerts in 2014…!!!!


2014 is definitely a great year for big international tours for a lot of performers that are currently holding top place on the world music charts. Starting now and right till the end of the year, music concerts all around the globe will include decade old superstars as well as the new generation of hit performers. Here is the list of the best international music concert what are in store.

On April 12 Bruno Mars, one of the biggest male pop sensation that emerged on the scene in the recent years will perform in Tokyo Japan. His venue in Tokyo Messe is apparently sold out, but there is still some hope for the fans of the young pop star if they decide to get some tickets very soon.

Justin Timberlake is promoting his fantastic new album the 20/20 Experience on the April 24 in 02 World in Berlin, Germany. Berlin is a big center for alternative culture, and is the perfect place to listen to Timberlake in this new phase of his rich career.

Bruce Springsteen performs live on May 6 of in Houston, Texas in the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Springsteen isn’t called The Boss for nothing. His concert in Texas will certainly be full of spectators from every generation.

Lady Gaga visits Canada on her The ArtPopBall tour on May 14. She will perform in Calgary, and the venue is the AB Scotiabank Saddledome. The name of the tour should be enough to give an exact picture of what to expect in this visual and music experience. Since the start of her career, Lady Gaga dominates the pop scene, so her concert in Canada should prove very interesting.

Foo Fighters, a staple of a stable rock sound will perform at Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware on June 20. Headed by the veteran Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters have an amazing sound and even a sense of humor about their long careers. Their concert in Dover will certainly be, just like their music, energetic and electrifying.

Lana Del Ray, singer that astounded the music scene with her unique sound, performs in Spain on July 5. She will attend the Vida Festival in Vilanova i La Geltru. Spain, the sea and the summer air will interlock perfectly with the beautiful singer and her haunting voice.

Linkin Park performs in the city of Englewood, Colorado on September 8 in Fiddlers Green Amphitheater a part of their Carnivores Tour. This band seemed like a forgettable phase when they began playing more than 15 years ago as a part of the Nu-metal scene. Now, Linkin Park transcended their modest origins and became one of the most famous rock bands making music. Englewood and its open air venue will be perfect for this hard-hitting band.

This is just some of the biggest artists and bands that are currently playing all around the world. It is clear that 2014 is going to be remembered a fantastic year for international music concert, but one thing is also clear. Out of all the countries, the USA has without a doubt the best offer. If you plan to travel to the America and want to see them all, US immigration might get you interest, because you will surely have to stay longer that the officially permitted 90 days.