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6 Unusual Ways To Use Natural Stone Around Your Backyard

In the world of landscaping and gardening, there can be no denying that natural stone has become ‘all the rage’. These days, you almost cannot walk into someone’s backyard without coming face to face with some type of stone that has been mined from deep within the earth. If you are interested in using one of these natural products in your own backyard but want to do so in more of an unusual way, these ideas may help you out:

  1. Japanese-style Garden
    You have probably seen pictures of lush and serene Japanese gardens in the past, but have you ever considered doing something similar in your own backyard? Natural stone features heavily in these sorts of designs and can be used in the creation of pathways, water features and even decorative elements.
  2. Potted Plants
    If you have potted plants scattered around your patio, you could liven them up a little bit by filling the top of the pot with some pebbles in a stone of your choice. As well as helping to hide the soil, which can be a negative on the appearance of the plant, this will actually help to draw attention to the spot.
  3. Glass Vases
    When guests come over and you dine outside, do you try to dress up the table with flower arrangements? The next time you do this, try placing some stone pebbles into the bottom of a glass vase and arranging the flowers in this way. You could even fill the vase up with some fake flowers sticking out the top.
  4. Path or Driveway
    Whilst using stone in the creation of a path or driveway isn’t all that original, you could try to arrange the space in a more unusual way. Why not use pebbles instead of pavers for the path winding to your washing line or use a combination of bluestone and limestone to create an interesting driveway?
  5. Water Feature
    Ultimately, a water feature is a beautiful addition to any backyard – create something large and flowing or small and tranquil, the possibilities really are endless. Some people like to build miniature rivers that meander through the garden, whereas others are more in favour of a fountain or small waterfall.
  6. Pond
    Whilst a pond can be considered as being a water feature, many people like to put it in its own category. The use of natural stone in the creation of a pond is vital – use blocks of all sizes to build up the base and sides of the pit, as well as to arrange around the edges to make it appear as if it is naturally occurring.


There are a number of benefits associated with the use of natural stone in your backyard apart from the fact that they are incredibly beautiful and will add to the attractiveness of the space. It can, for example, help to keep down the weeds that like to make your garden their home; even if one or two cheeky ones do manage to grow, they won’t be able to take root properly and you will simply be able to rip them out by hand.

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