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Best of International Music Concerts in 2014…!!!!


2014 is definitely a great year for big international tours for a lot of performers that are currently holding top place on the world music charts. Starting now and right till the end of the year, music concerts all around the globe will include decade old superstars as well as the new generation of hit performers. Here is the list of the best international music concert what are in store.

On April 12 Bruno Mars, one of the biggest male pop sensation that emerged on the scene in the recent years will perform in Tokyo Japan. His venue in Tokyo Messe is apparently sold out, but there is still some hope for the fans of the young pop star if they decide to get some tickets very soon.

Justin Timberlake is promoting his fantastic new album the 20/20 Experience on the April 24 in 02 World in Berlin, Germany. Berlin is a big center for alternative culture, and is the perfect place to listen to Timberlake in this new phase of his rich career.

Bruce Springsteen performs live on May 6 of in Houston, Texas in the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Springsteen isn’t called The Boss for nothing. His concert in Texas will certainly be full of spectators from every generation.

Lady Gaga visits Canada on her The ArtPopBall tour on May 14. She will perform in Calgary, and the venue is the AB Scotiabank Saddledome. The name of the tour should be enough to give an exact picture of what to expect in this visual and music experience. Since the start of her career, Lady Gaga dominates the pop scene, so her concert in Canada should prove very interesting.

Foo Fighters, a staple of a stable rock sound will perform at Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware on June 20. Headed by the veteran Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters have an amazing sound and even a sense of humor about their long careers. Their concert in Dover will certainly be, just like their music, energetic and electrifying.

Lana Del Ray, singer that astounded the music scene with her unique sound, performs in Spain on July 5. She will attend the Vida Festival in Vilanova i La Geltru. Spain, the sea and the summer air will interlock perfectly with the beautiful singer and her haunting voice.

Linkin Park performs in the city of Englewood, Colorado on September 8 in Fiddlers Green Amphitheater a part of their Carnivores Tour. This band seemed like a forgettable phase when they began playing more than 15 years ago as a part of the Nu-metal scene. Now, Linkin Park transcended their modest origins and became one of the most famous rock bands making music. Englewood and its open air venue will be perfect for this hard-hitting band.

This is just some of the biggest artists and bands that are currently playing all around the world. It is clear that 2014 is going to be remembered a fantastic year for international music concert, but one thing is also clear. Out of all the countries, the USA has without a doubt the best offer. If you plan to travel to the America and want to see them all, US immigration might get you interest, because you will surely have to stay longer that the officially permitted 90 days.

Discover Sports Activities in Kent, England


It is fair to say that the majority of us had ‘exercise more’ on our official or unofficial New Year’s resolutions list this year. Whether hitting the gym is something you’ve been meaning to do for a long time, or you just want to get out more and lead a healthier, more active lifestyle, there are some great ways you can enjoy yourself while you do it. Who said that keeping fit means no fun, or 2 hours on a treadmill, going nowhere fast?

Sports activities are a great way to have fun, socialise, and get your exercise at the same time. Most cities have football facilities, gyms and sports centres, but we’re going to show you what Kent has that is a little more out of the ordinary!
Discover Sports Activities in Kent, England

Our first activity aims to hit home that getting out and doing something physical doesn’t have to come from the obvious places. Daytona motorsport is found in the beautiful coastal horn of Lydd in Kent. You might now be wondering how outdoor karting can be classed as a sporting activity that offers exercise, but after a few laps around the 1240m international circuit, you’ll definitely feel the tension through your muscles. Offering 16 heart pounding, adrenaline infused corners, this challenging, fast track is great for all abilities.

This is an excellent way to unwind and get some ‘me-time’. That said it’s also a great activity that you can discover with friends, family or large groups. It’s especially popular with the guys for stag do events and birthdays, but don’t let that stop you ladies, some of the most promising drivers that practise on the track are all girl under their overalls!

Go Ape! at Bedgebury and Leeds Castle

Go Ape days out are famous up and down the country, and even over the Atlantic in the United States! Kent though, boasts two sites where you can swing like the monkeys and experience adventure sport activities up in the tree tops. It’s a completely unique idea, and an experience that you will never forget!

Super fun, but super safe, you won’t have to worry about falling when you’re having fun with your friends, Go Ape! Harnesses attach you to the lines by two secure points, so you can relax and feel the adrenaline without having to panic! It will help you overcome a fear of heights, and those who love to climb will enjoy crossing rope bridges, Tarzan swings, and speeding along zip lines from tree to tree. Down on the Bedgebury forest floor, there are also fantastic bike trails for singles, couples and groups alike to enjoy.

If you have little ones, then not to worry, you can enjoy the lakeside visitor centre, or let them loose on the children’s adventure play trail, perfect for your smaller monkeys to enjoy!

Revolution Climbing Centre

Another sports activity that is not the norm is climbing. The Revolution Climbing Centre in Broadstairs, Kent, is one of the best in the country. It’s ideal for people climbing solo, as well as groups and parties. It’s a great way to build your core muscle strength and exercise your whole body. When you climb, depending on the wall and your technique, you can work every part of your body when you’re pulling your weight up to the top.

Unlike running or cycling in a gym, there’s a visible goal for you to look up to, and reaching the top gives you a satisfaction like no other. The amazing variety and creative designs on the indoor walls cater for all abilities, so you’ll be able to advance and test yourself, even if you intend to make it a regular form of exercise. Progression is key, and the thrill of climbing at any stage can get your heart pounding and your knees weak whether you’ve been doing it for 2 hours or 2 years!
Discover Sports Activities in Kent, England1
Revolution Skate Park

You might have tried climbing at Revolution with two feet and two hands, but now it’s time to discover a unique sport experience that will test you on four wheels. The Revolution Skate Park is a hidden gem. Much like the Daytona Karting, it doesn’t seem like a sport that you would associate so much with physical challenge. But after you’ve enjoyed the lessons they provide for beginners and intermediate levels, you’ll see just how testing it can be for your fitness!

It’s also something fresh and new, so if you’re looking for something unique, affordable and fun then this is it. The skate park has fantastic ramps and facilities, both indoor and outdoor, which makes it a great activity come rain or shine.


There is so much more that Kent has to offer, but these are just some of the great sporting activities that could help you think outside the box, and experience something that you’ve never done before. The issue with exercise is that it always feels like a chore. The amazing sporting activities in Kent can help you shed that mind-set, conquer some fears, build confidence, muscle, friendships and more! What are you waiting for?

Travel In Best Automotive Within Your Budget

Travel In Best Automotive Within Your Budget

There are many firms that offer car rental services and this brings in the need for one to be careful as they look for a car to rent. The good news is that it doesn’t require one to have a degree in rocket science to get a car rental firm that will enable them to travel within their budget. The person in need of renting the car needs to get creative in the process of getting the firm. There are tips that help in this and they are discussed herein. Read on.

Look for a car rental firm with no hidden charges

One truth that people need to understand is that rental firms love clients who don’t take the time to read through the rental agreement. In some cases, there are some hidden charges that hike the rental fee. For instance, avoid a rental firm that insists on topping the gas tank after the rental period is over. When the rental firm tops the gas, the price per gallon charged will be very high. Have the rental firm fill the car before the rental period starts and return the car with the tank full and this will help avoid these additional costs. Any other additional and hidden costs should be explained and where they are not reasonable, the firm should be avoided. This helps one stay within their travelling budget.

Keep away from airport rentals

True, they seem to be very convenient as one will walk a few steps to get the car but this will be reflected in the rental cost. In the event that one is in a business trip, the best thing to do is to rent the car from their hotel suite once they arrive. This way, the costly airport rental firms will be avoided. Shuttle transportation should be arranged to get to the hotel from the airport upon arrival. This greatly reduces travel costs hence another way of staying within a budget.

Always book early

In most cases, people know when they need the services of car rental firms. Where the time of need happens to be the peak period for these rental firms, the rates will be hiked. Therefore, the best thing to do is rent the car during the off peak period when the rates are low. The time of use will still be during the peak period. This way, one gets to use the rental car during the peak period but at the price of the off peak period. This is reduced spending and helps in budget traveling.

Make a wise car selection

It goes without saying that it costs more to rent a luxury sedan when compared to a regular car. When traveling in budget, there is therefore the need to look at the various rates available based on car types. Luxurious cars should be avoided and the general rule of the thumb is to rent the smallest car possible as it will be cheaper. Since it is easier to apply for provisional driving license online, one should take advantage of the internet to get the best car rates. The end result of this is traveling in the best automotive while still staying within the budget in place.