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J. Cole Vs Kanye West

j v k

Both Kanye West and J. Cole will be releasing their anticipated albums on the 18 June this month and will go head to head for sales.

Kanye West’s album Yeezus will be his first album after the collaboration album with Jay Z so it will be interesting to see how good his music is without arguable one of the best rappers in Jay Z but Kanye has held his own and makes very smart music that everyone enjoy’s.

J. Cole come into the scene out of nowhere after he was co-signed to Jay Z’s record label Roc’a’fella and has not looked back since after his first album ‘Cole summer’ was a great success with a lot of award nominations for the album and alot of hits. One song that has released from the album is ‘Power Trip’ with miguel which was another succesful song and enjoyed by plenty.

If you had a choice between the two albums which one would you pick ?

I would have to pick J. Cole’s Born Sinner because i just think that Kanye has lost his way from when he was making great songs and his ego has got to him to the point where he think’s he is superior and i don’t like to hear that in artist’s music whereas J. Cole focusses on telling stories and gives us an insight of his own personal pain.